Chris Dannen

Introduction: My name is Chris and I am a writer and technologist living in New York, NY. I manage investments for Iterative Instinct, a private equity fund which trades in crypto-assets. I'm also interested in design, and advise the smart fabric startup Loomia and the Los Angeles architecture firm M-RAD. My new book about smart contract programming entitled Introducing Ethereum and Solidity will be published on March 14, 2017. I've written and edited for Fast Company, Wired, MIT Tech Review, The Atlantic, Conde Nast Traveler, and the Tech@Bloomberg blog.

Consultation: Editorial, video, ethnography, design, product management, and strategy are adjacent disciplines I combine with technology to solve problems. Here are some of the brands that have used my creative work or strategic consulting recently.

History: At 20 I began doing freelance photojournalism gigs for outdoor magazines like BIKE. This was the dawn of the digital SLR, which got me interested in storing photos on remote servers. When I decided to stay in NY full-time my first real job was doing small jokes graphics at The Onion. I began writing for CBS Interactive on the enterprise technology beat. To learn more I wrote a handful of IT books before moving into technology consulting and cofounding the iOS dev shop Sneakers Agency. After tinkering with JavaScript and Objective-C development, I was captivated by cryptocurrency and began buiding GPU miners, learning to write Solidity contracts, and trading tokens. In the process, I patented an autonomous video capture device. My work history and intellectual property is documented on LinkedIn.

Personal: In my free time I like to hike, camp, race mountain & road bicycles, and play foosball, habits I picked up a decade ago in college. While an undergrad at UVA I worked for Red Bull as a field marketer; during summers I worked in bike shops. I was also a rower on the UVA Men’s Crew and a brother in Phi Gamma Delta. I grew up in Northwestern Connecticut.

More: On Twitter I'm @chrisdannen. I blog at Our fund's collection of essays is on Medium.