Chris Dannen

Summary: My name is Chris and I am a writer and technologist living in New York, NY. I’m a founder and partner at Iterative Capital Management, an alternative investment fund offering accredited investors exposure to cryptocurrency and blockchain-based assets. As advisor the smart fabric startup Loomia and the Los Angeles architecture firm M-RAD, I provide technology strategy guidance with a strong emphasis on storytelling.

My new book about smart contract programming is entitled Introducing Ethereum and Solidity: Foundations of blockchain and cryptocurrency programming for beginners. I've written and edited for Fast Company, Wired, MIT Tech Review, The Atlantic, Conde Nast Traveler, and the Tech@Bloomberg blog. Below is my third-person bio.

Work History: Mr. Dannen is a founder and principal of the Iterative Capital management company, which manages three pooled vehicles: Iterative Instinct Fund I, L.P., i2 Storj SPV, LP and Iterative Mining, LLC. Prior to founding the Investment Manager, Mr. Dannen was an independent strategy consultant. He has engaged clients including Bloomberg LP and Atlantic Media Group.

At Bloomberg, Mr. Dannen worked with the infrastructure engineering team to collect ethnographic research from senior engineers, to be used in strategic recruiting. At Quartz, he worked with the Senior Director of Branded Content in order to come up with enterprise software content franchises in conjunction with clients like HP and Hitachi.

Before consulting independently, Mr. Dannen was a Senior Strategist at Undercurrent LLC, a 30-person management consulting company which was acquired in 2015. During his time at Undercurrent, Mr. Dannen developed long-term technology-focused business tactics for C-suite clients at American Express, General Electric, ARGO Insurance, and Pepsico.

At Fast Company magazine Mr. Dannen served as senior technology editor for two years, launching a content vertical aimed at engineers, and building out a nationwide e-commerce hackathon sponsored by Target. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded an iOS development shop in Brooklyn, NY, which continues to operate today as Sneakers Agency.

Mr. Dannen began his career as a technology reporter for CBS News covering publicly-traded enterprise software companies. He has authored four books. A self-taught programmer, Mr. Dannen holds one provisional patent on a computing hardware device for blockchain video distribution, filed Mar 8, 2016 number US 62/299,493.

Education: An athlete on the Men’s Crew, Mr. Dannen graduated from the University of Virginia in three years with a degree in English Literature. He holds a certification in editorial publishing from Columbia University’s School of Journalism. While an undergrad at UVA, he worked for Red Bull as a field marketer and turned wrenches at Laguna Beach Cyclery in Orange County, CA. He grew up in New York and Northwestern Connecticut.

More: On Twitter I'm @chrisdannen. I blog at Our fund's collection of essays is on Medium.

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